Your Trusted Security Partner

At STYGA, we take great pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality services that will exceed your expectations. Our mission is to provide exceptional security services with highly trained guards who possess the expertise to meet your needs. With a track record of over five years, we are a trusted Indian security company that specializes in customized security solutions for commercial, industrial, residential, and business houses. Our 24/7 electronic security system and monitoring system, along with intelligence-related work, are available across over fifteen operational facilities in India. Our personnel undergo a rigorous selection process, and we ensure that our clients receive the best-trained and experienced security guards who possess the skills to handle any security threat. Our guards are trained in bomb/explosive detection techniques, mob clearance, first aid and rescue, firefighting and emergency response, lift breakdowns, and car parking management. We conduct on-site mock drills and training sessions to ensure that our guards are well-equipped to handle any situation. Our services have been sought after by numerous reputable companies, and we are committed to providing efficient services and fulfilling our responsibilities.

PSARA License Holder Company

PSARA License No – PSA/4/63/UP/2020/Nov/3/6
GST Registration – OIA MAPT 5856 HIZP.
P.F. Code No. MR MRT 2015 34 2000.
Registration certificate of the shop and commercial
Establishment under the Labour Department, i.e. Reg. No – UPSA
ESI Code No 67 000727240000 999.
Proprietor Ms. HEMLATA TYAGI.
STYGA Selection Criteria.