PSARA License Holder

1.    PSARA License No – PSA/4/63/UP/2020/Nov/3/6
2.    GST Registration – OIA MAPT 5856 HIZP.
3     .P.F. Code No. MR MRT 2015 34 2000.
4.     Registration certificate of the shop and commercial
         Establishment under the Labour Department, i.e. Reg. No – UPSA
5.     ESI Code No 67 000727240000 999.
6.     Proprietor Ms. HEMLATA TYAGI.
7.     STYGA Selection Criteria.

Our guards are sensible, smart, and well-trained. We appoint our guards
with minimum high school qualification. Our guards participate in all
critical conditions with the concerned institution. They are well trained to
control the situation of catching fire. They always become very respectful
with their co-related employees of the company.